Gerald Peries (Jerry) received his Master in Businesss Administration and Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from Southern Illinois University, U.S.A.

Gerald has over 14 years experience in training and lecturing for various business organisation and private colleges & universities. His areas of expertise are in Finance and Accounting. Gerald combines a wide range of practical and hands-on training experience in a challenging and interactive environment.

At present he regularly conducts training programs on accounting skills for accounts clerks & assistants, effective cash flow management, handling full set of accounts/bookkeeping skills, budgeting & cost control, finance for non-finance managers, and financial skills for sales & marketing managers

He is also actively involved in lecturing on several M.B.A. and Degree programs, affiliated with University of South Australia, University of Ballarat and Binary University College.
Prior to this, he served as a Finance Manager for an engineering company for several years where he was responsible for making investment, costing, financing and working capital decisions.

His specific duties among others was :- Evaluating the viability of long-term projects and making appropriate recommendations to the board of directors. Costing for Projects Sourcing for appropriate financing upon approval of projects Preparing the budgets for projects, ensuring compliance and investigating any deviations Reviewing management accounting information with other departments and making presentations to management. Managing the day to day running of the finance department.