Accounting and Finance

  • Managing Full Set Of Account / Effective Book-Keeping Skills

  • Accounting Skills For Account Assistants And Clerks

  • Accounting And Tax Treatment For Fixed Assets

  • Advance Accounting And Financial Analysis Skills

  • Mastering Advance Budgeting For Planning And Control

  • Effective Cash Flow Management For Account Executive, Officer, Assistants

  • Effective Credit Management And Debt Collection Strategies 

  • Corporate  Tax  Strategies In Malaysia -"Legal Issues And Tax Minimization Strategies"-

  • Financial Skills For Non-Finance Managers/Executives

Occupational Safety and Health

·         Occupational Safety and Health At Workplace

·         Effective Occupational Safety And Health Inspection & Audit

·         Emergency Response Plan

·         How to Develop An Effective Safety & Health Committee

·         Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control

Logistics & Purchasing Management

  • Pengurusan Inventori Dan Stor Yang Berkesan Towards Effective

  • Inventory And Store / Warehouse Management

  • Effective Purchasing Techniques And Negotiation With Suppliers

  • Developing Effective Purchasing Assistants/Clerks

  • Effective Warehouse Management

Business Communication and Writing Skills

  • Business English Communication Skills

  • Business Plan Writing For Business Development Personnel

  • Professional Business Writing Skills

  • Improving Your Communication And Interpersonal Skills At Workplace  

  • Professional Technical Report Writing

  • Improve Your Letter And Report Writing Skills At Workplace

  • Improve Your Business Presentation And Public Speaking Skills 

Office Management, Secretarial Skills & Clerical Development

  • Clerical Skills Development For Admin Assistants And Clerks

  • Staff Enrichment/Executive Development Program Towards Performance Excellence

  • Developing Effective Secretary, Personal Assistants & Office Administrators

  • Sikap Kerja Positif Yang Efektif

  • Frontline Telephone Techniques And Courtesy

  • Effective Office Administrative and Management Skills

  • Teknik Pengurusan/Penyimpanan Rekod Dan Fail Yang Berkesan

  • How To Manage Office Records And Files Systematically

Human Resource Management

  • Employment Acts,  Industrial Relations Acts And The Domestic Inquiry 

  • Employment Of Foreign Workers In Malaysia

  • Setting Up And Managing The Human Resource Department

  • Termination Of Employment, Conducting A Domestic Inquiry & Handling Misconduct 

  • Managing Retrenchment And Lay-Offs

  • Recruitment And Selection Interview Skills -(Bringing The Right People Together)

  • Human Resource for Non-Human Resource Managers / Executives

Customer Service

  • Customer Care And Service Excellence 

  • How To Handle Difficult Customer And Complaints Effectively 

Leadership and Supervisory Management

  • Effective Supervisory Skills And Motivational Towards Performance Excellence

  • Kepimpinan Motivasi Dan Penyelia Yang Berkesan

  • Excellent Leadership And Superb Motivation (How to Go the Extra Mile)

Sales & Marketing

  • Successful Professional Selling And Negotiation Skills    

  • Sales Motivation


  • Pengawal Keselamatan Efektif Dan Profesional

  • Peryeliaan Keselamatan Efektif